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IEEE OMEGA 15,    Atharva College, Malad

Atharva campus will be transformed into the highly secret and mysterious area when the UFO\'s land. One such spacecraft has crash landed in out campus. More Info

Do you like to kill each other. Come and have a fight on lan. More Info

Have a strategy to fight against each other. Join us
Wanna experience real life counter strike but with laser\'s join laser tag CHALLENGE ACCEPTED? More Info

Are you a football fan. Join us at our technical fest. More Info

Building your own robot and battling out to show who\'s the BOSS. More Info

Design your own robot or have a project you think could have attention of the crowd. Want to showcase your project. More Info

Aqua robots in a swimming pool racing against each others. More Info

Debating on topics which include the current technology trends. Putting forward the points that stand for and against the given technology. More Info

Selecting a topic which requires some research. Submitting an abstract emphasizing on what you will research upon. In the time given do elaborate research and arriving at a conclusion based on the your research. Now prepare a ppt and present it to the audience. More Info