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Online Reputation Management

  You may hardly know this, but search engines attach a particular identity to you & they view & treat you the way others view & treat you. Everyone has an identity & a reputation; people perceive you in a particular way & also talk about you in positive or negative lights  - & the way it happens to you as individuals in the real world, is the exact way it happens to businesses in the digital world. Search engines are very sensitive & intelligent to what people are saying about you & your products or services or behaviors online, & they respond in like manner when people search for your businesses online. Search engines either highlight all the negative/positive comments people make about you online, or penalize you by pushing you to the bottom of the page for results relevant to you. And this is why you need quality & sustained online reputation management  

for your businesses & activities online.

  You may have been rude in addressing a query, or your product has not delivered on its promises & an irate customer has taken it upon himself to lambast & damage your reputation & brand online. Marketing Keeda will help you to mop up the damaging effects of such online rants & how they impact on your brands; they will also ensure that you enjoy positive reviews that boost your reputation.

We will also monitor feedbacks & chats about your website & product & professionally respond accordingly. They will also remove every trace of negative language or words that are targeted at tarnishing your image, & tone up on painting you in good positive lights. In case negative comments & embarrassing content appear on your search results, they try to push these to the background & then push up positive content that portray you in positive lights to the whole world.

How to benefit from quality online reputation management services

Contact us right away. We are experienced crises management experts,  & we possess extensive experience at managing online & offline reputation problems. Located in the heart of Mumbai, we are set to embark on sustained campaigns that are aimed at providing you with quality online reputation management services with a view to seeing you succeed with all levels & categories of online customers. Whether it is to launder your personality image or the reputation of your product brands, we are more than accredited & experienced to handle the situation & make you come out in positive lights.

How online reputation management works

Do you know the roles of a public relations officer or manager within an organization? A PRO works to launder the soiled image of individuals & corporate organizations, right? He works to present individuals & corporate entities in positive lights, & thereby increase patronage to a particular person or brand of products from a company. This is what online reputation management service is all about – protecting your online image to ensure that you do not suffer any negative publicity that might impact negatively on your business & personality.

Facebook Marketing 
Build targeted set of audience who has an acquired interest in your business.

Twitter Marketing

  Build relationships with individuals, celebrities and targeted audience by Twitter Marketing.

Linkedin Marketing

   Connect with relevant B2B groups & suggesting conversations to be part of created groups.

Pinterest Marketing

   Share anything from tips to recipes on Pinterest and display gallery of products if absence of website.
Instagram Marketing
Create appropriate posts that go viral, follow relevant audience & upgrade brand’s image on channel.

YouTube Marketing

  Create your own channel & have videos related to your brand interests & use annotations as links to reach you.  

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