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37 users & counting which includes various                   Clubs, Zones, Regions & D.C.'s. 
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"WE SERVE"- the tagline of the organisation which really means it.

We Honour the people that honour the lives of others. 

Lions Club is one of those kind of Gems in wish the members form a club & arrange camps & donations for a cause. 

Not Only That They Are On the Verge of Completing 100 years next year but also have a strength of 1.4 million Lions members globally. #Lions100

We would love to share our corporate price of 0.13 paise per sms to all Lions Clubs with extendible validities so that you reach maximum donors & members.

Proud that my entire family are Lions Club members & my parents from the last 25 years!!
                                                                                                                  - Lion Rajesh Bhoja Salian

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