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FACEBOOK 64 Awesome Facebook Marketing Techniques

Posted on 13 April, 2015 at 21:00

The deadliest sin of Facebook marketing is being boring. To gain fans’ attention and keep it, marketers need to create novel campaigns, or put a unique spin on familiar techniques. Otherwise, brands’ efforts are largely ignored or used by fans to score free stuff.


What’s the secret to marketing campaigns that garner results? Combine strategies that incorporate Facebook’s viral features.


How? Use this infographic, listing 64 marketing techniques in eight Facebook feature categories. Randomly select one marketing tactic from each category, and combine them for an innovative marketing campaign.

For example, I randomly selected these marketing strategies from each category:


Fans: Ask fans to share

Events: Host a scavenger hunt

Contests: Crowdsource fan content (photos)

Share: Give away a prize

Ongoing: Hold a photo contest

Collaboration: Integrate with other sites (your own or colleagues’)

QR Codes: Use QR code to link to scavenger hunt clues, locations, and a map

Ads: Create ad to promote the contest

Combine all these for a scavenger hunt campaign: use QR codes to post clues for mobile devices, link to a Google map and locations, integrate the campaign on your blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn, ask fans to submit photos of the sites on the scavenger hunt, and do an ad promoting it. Let fans select the winner by voting, a hugely successful Facebook technique, as contest participants ask their friends to vote by visiting your page.


That’s just one example. Theoretically, it’s possible to create over four million different campaigns; obviously you won’t need that many, but you can be assured you won’t be offering the same contest your competitor did last week.


Make this work for your brand: You don’t have to use each category and if a particular technique doesn’t fit your business, substitute another. You’ll generate some of the most innovative Facebook marketing in your industry.


What strategy combinations would you use to promote your brand on Facebook?

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