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Benefits of Social Media

Posted on 29 March, 2015 at 23:25

The most obvious benefit of social media seen by most business organizations is the ability of the platform to share content with thousands of followers. However, that is not the only benefit. A lot of small businesses across the globe are discovering more ways by which social media can augment their success and growth. When used intelligently, social media can serve as a powerful business tool to increase sales and generate leads.


Benefits of Social Media for Business


  • Enables you to learn about your audience


A business organization must understand its audience, their interests and their behavior in order to attain success. Social media makes this task easy with the various tools, insights and analytics provided by platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc. Organizations can create campaigns based on these results, which will thereby help to reap better return on investment.

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  • Enables effective audience targeting

 Brands can now target their messages to specific audiences based on location or demographics. You are communicating the right message to the right audience, which means that there is no wastage of marketing efforts.


  • Enables you to expand your audience base

 Platforms like Twitter allow small businesses to reach out to their existing customers as well as communicate with potential customers. For instance, if you have opened a new café, simply search for people talking about food or coffee, and send your promotional tweets to them. This is one of the less identified social media benefit that needs attention.


  • Enables you to receive instant feedback

 Marketing mediums like print, electronic or out of home advertising don’t give you access to feedback from the audience. Conversely, social media allows you to receive instant feedback – positive or negative – when you send out a message. You get valuable insights on the reactions of the customer enabling you to understand whether the objective of the message is clear or not. Additionally, you can alter the type of content on the basis of customer perspective.


  • Enables you to increase website traffic

 A business organization generally develops a website. But how do you get traffic on this website? One of the most powerful social media benefits is routing traffic to the website.


  • Enables you to share content – quick and simple

 Ensuring that content has been disseminated to the relevant audience has always been tough. However, with social media promotion, sharing content just became quicker and simpler. As soon as you develop a message for communication, all you have to do is share it on the social network accounts of your brand.


  • Enables you to generate leads at one third the expense

 Most people believe that generating leads is an absolute no on social media. Nevertheless, a lot of successful campaigns have been able to help brands generate leads and attain conversions. Content shared on social media is of two types – ungated content and gated content. For sharing gated content, an email address needs to be provided, which can then work as a database for the brand. Therefore, content on social media can assist in generating leads.

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