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How Customer Service SMS can Improve your Business?

Posted on 15 June, 2015 at 23:10 Comments comments (1362)

Customer SMS Service helps your customers to stay updated with their orders and shipments. Using Marketing Keeda's Customer Service SMS, you can keep your customers lot happier and makes them to come back for more sales.


SMS, which is the short for Short Message Service, is service where it allows its users to send bulk messages to another user at nominal rates. SMS if used correctly is a brilliant tool of marketing. SMS is also cost effective and time saving it gets delivered instantly, saving the sender and receiver a lot of hassle.


Marketing today is a broad concept, gone are the days when marketing was only about promoting the products and service and making the customers aware of what’s of offer. Today marketing is so much more than, more than promoting the products marketers now focus to enhancing the customers experience through several marketing strategies such Loyalty programs, easy availability, discount for students, online stores etc.

Customer Service SMS



Today with the prominence of online shopping, SMS can be an effective tool for marketing; it can use for promoting the products as well as enhancing the experience of the consumer.


For example if a consumer has ordered something online rather than sending them confirmation through emails, companies should send them as SMS about the confirmation. Hence keep updating the customers through SMS, like informing them what is the status of their order, the availability, when their products are dispatched all information should be provided to the consumer through Customer Service SMS.


Another Example of effective marketing through SMS is service provider’s like Salons, can send an SMS to the consumer to book or confirm an appointment. Similarly an SMS could be sent when the service is complete to thank the user for choosing that particular brand and ask for their feedback. And then a follow up SMS would also be essential asking to book an appointment, reminder and such the cycle goes on.




Using SMS as marketing tools will not only ensure a smooth process by avoiding any confusions and misinterpretations. But also by enhancing the experience of the consumer with that particular brand. Thereby ensuring loyalty.


Since SMS is a mobile Phone service, it is one of the most convenient and reliable services to ensure hassle free communication with the consumer. Since everyone has a mobile phone these days and their mobile phones are always with them thus reaching them through customer service SMS is a very good option.


Not only is an SMS cost effective as compared to calling every consumer at various points, but also the response time is much better. Usually people may not answer a phone call or read an email immediately. But with SMS the scenario is different. It gets delivered easily and people are known to repeatedly check their SMS. Another plus of SMS marketing is that it is cost effective for the consumer also since an incoming SMS is free in most countries unlike the social media applications which need access to internet which generally costs a lot.




Thus, customer service SMS is the way to go, as customers like to feel in control of the purchases they are making. And SMS marketing provides the perfect reason with regular updates, customers feel connected to the company. This helps in improving customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.


Marketing Keeda offers customer Service SMS services in India, Visit us at

How to Use Marketing Keeda's Bulk SMS Marketing to Boost your Sales

Posted on 14 June, 2015 at 22:50 Comments comments (45)

One of the most used advertising tool in India is Bulk SMS Message Marketing right from small companies to corporate companies.

We have listed out few important features and benefits of Bulk SMS Message Marketing in India. Call us or Visit us on for best prices


Bulk SMS Message Marketing Salient Features

Cost Effective (Cheaper than other marketing media).


Immediate (Instant Messaging).


Targeted (Focused clientele).


Permission Based (Opt-in based SMS Marketing).


Personal (Interact one to one possibility).


98% opening rates in 5 seconds (Most recipients read SMS within 5 minutes).


Easy Reach (Reaches your customers no matter where they are).


Environmental friendly (No natural resources used while advertising).





Encourage your customers to make purchase in stores by showing the code or discount coupon they received via SMS. Along with this you also let your customers know about your latest offers going on.




These services are now more and more demanded by the customers. Bank, Insurance companies, Schools, Colleges etc. use this services to help their customers keep track of important information by sending it straight to their mobile phone.




Tell the world about your new product launch via SMS. SMS is the fastest and cost effective marketing tool. Let the world know the best product you have launched and show them the best of your product.



Reward your customers with exclusive discount to encourage them to repeat purchase. Offer better discounts on your upcoming products or services.




Conduct competitions via SMS and use product giveaways to encourage sign-ups, and reward your loyal customers. Offer better services than your real competitors with better quality and standards.




Around 64% customers believe that businesses should use SMS to interact more often with them.

75% state that SMS services improved their overall Brand experience.


Bulk SMS Message Marketing services have been greatly offered by SMS Gateway Center with affordable pricing. Visit for more information.

Bulk SMS Message Marketing Infographic:

Branding for Restaurants : Online Reviews vs Social Media.

Posted on 10 May, 2015 at 18:05 Comments comments (45)

Undoubtedly Social media is now the biggest form of marketing be it having a good number of Fans on facebook or Twitter or running good campaigns on these channels.

 But, the big question that arises is that : Is Social Media really that important for all Brands/sectors/products. There has been n number of debated on Is social media really effective for a B2B company or some other sectors where the Brand has no direct contact with the audience, A Book Publishing Company for example.

As a Marketing Constantancy, we have pitched good number of restaurant owners for online Branding/Social Media Management. To our surprise, they have the opine that having good reviews on Zomato is far more important than having good presence of Social Media Channels. For them , Zomato undoubtedly is the biggest social media channel. 

According to Jahaan Sayyed, Owner of Cafesssta Restarant @ Oshiwara, "A good presence on sites likes Zomato, Timescity , TripAdvisor means a good business to them as these restaurants holds the accountability for their major share of sales figure. So, Does that mean that they shouldn’t be much concerned about Facebook/Twitter, the answer obviously is NO. Not Having a good presence on Facebook/Twitter means that you are still missing the biggest picture when it comes to social media marketing. Thats the reason why we have Marketing Keeda managing our Online Reputation Management while the Restaurant Manager asks the customers to review us on Zomato via a tablet which we have kept for online reviews for customers. We offer Free Wi-Fi @ the venue so they can" target="_blank">Like us on facebook ," target="_blank">follow Cafesssta on Twitter ," target="_blank">Instagram or" target="_blank">Review us on Zomato " 

For any marketing query , Feel Free to contact us on [email protected]

Visit us @

FACEBOOK 64 Awesome Facebook Marketing Techniques

Posted on 13 April, 2015 at 21:00 Comments comments (38)

The deadliest sin of Facebook marketing is being boring. To gain fans’ attention and keep it, marketers need to create novel campaigns, or put a unique spin on familiar techniques. Otherwise, brands’ efforts are largely ignored or used by fans to score free stuff.


What’s the secret to marketing campaigns that garner results? Combine strategies that incorporate Facebook’s viral features.


How? Use this infographic, listing 64 marketing techniques in eight Facebook feature categories. Randomly select one marketing tactic from each category, and combine them for an innovative marketing campaign.

For example, I randomly selected these marketing strategies from each category:


Fans: Ask fans to share

Events: Host a scavenger hunt

Contests: Crowdsource fan content (photos)

Share: Give away a prize

Ongoing: Hold a photo contest

Collaboration: Integrate with other sites (your own or colleagues’)

QR Codes: Use QR code to link to scavenger hunt clues, locations, and a map

Ads: Create ad to promote the contest

Combine all these for a scavenger hunt campaign: use QR codes to post clues for mobile devices, link to a Google map and locations, integrate the campaign on your blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn, ask fans to submit photos of the sites on the scavenger hunt, and do an ad promoting it. Let fans select the winner by voting, a hugely successful Facebook technique, as contest participants ask their friends to vote by visiting your page.


That’s just one example. Theoretically, it’s possible to create over four million different campaigns; obviously you won’t need that many, but you can be assured you won’t be offering the same contest your competitor did last week.


Make this work for your brand: You don’t have to use each category and if a particular technique doesn’t fit your business, substitute another. You’ll generate some of the most innovative Facebook marketing in your industry.


What strategy combinations would you use to promote your brand on Facebook?

Benefits of Social Media

Posted on 29 March, 2015 at 23:25 Comments comments (106)

The most obvious benefit of social media seen by most business organizations is the ability of the platform to share content with thousands of followers. However, that is not the only benefit. A lot of small businesses across the globe are discovering more ways by which social media can augment their success and growth. When used intelligently, social media can serve as a powerful business tool to increase sales and generate leads.


Benefits of Social Media for Business


  • Enables you to learn about your audience


A business organization must understand its audience, their interests and their behavior in order to attain success. Social media makes this task easy with the various tools, insights and analytics provided by platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc. Organizations can create campaigns based on these results, which will thereby help to reap better return on investment.

Also Read: Types of Social Media


  • Enables effective audience targeting

 Brands can now target their messages to specific audiences based on location or demographics. You are communicating the right message to the right audience, which means that there is no wastage of marketing efforts.


  • Enables you to expand your audience base

 Platforms like Twitter allow small businesses to reach out to their existing customers as well as communicate with potential customers. For instance, if you have opened a new café, simply search for people talking about food or coffee, and send your promotional tweets to them. This is one of the less identified social media benefit that needs attention.


  • Enables you to receive instant feedback

 Marketing mediums like print, electronic or out of home advertising don’t give you access to feedback from the audience. Conversely, social media allows you to receive instant feedback – positive or negative – when you send out a message. You get valuable insights on the reactions of the customer enabling you to understand whether the objective of the message is clear or not. Additionally, you can alter the type of content on the basis of customer perspective.


  • Enables you to increase website traffic

 A business organization generally develops a website. But how do you get traffic on this website? One of the most powerful social media benefits is routing traffic to the website.


  • Enables you to share content – quick and simple

 Ensuring that content has been disseminated to the relevant audience has always been tough. However, with social media promotion, sharing content just became quicker and simpler. As soon as you develop a message for communication, all you have to do is share it on the social network accounts of your brand.


  • Enables you to generate leads at one third the expense

 Most people believe that generating leads is an absolute no on social media. Nevertheless, a lot of successful campaigns have been able to help brands generate leads and attain conversions. Content shared on social media is of two types – ungated content and gated content. For sharing gated content, an email address needs to be provided, which can then work as a database for the brand. Therefore, content on social media can assist in generating leads.

What is Social Media?

Posted on 29 March, 2015 at 1:40 Comments comments (85)

Social Media encompasses tools that enable people to create, exchange/share messages and information on virtual networks and communities. It is a means of interaction among people. It is dependent on mobile and web-based technologies for the development of interactive platforms used by individuals for discussing, co-creating and engaging user-generated content.

The channels of communication for businesses, organizations, individuals as well as communities have changed with the development of this medium. However, since the field is still emerging, most professionals question as to what is social media and how is it affecting the face of marketing.


Social Media is different from traditional media or industry media. The distinction can be seen on the grounds of various aspects:

  •  Quality
  • Reach
  • Permanence
  • Usability
  • Immediacy

According to reports, social media sites are used more by internet users as compared to any other site. Experts need to understand more about social media and how unlimited amount of information can be utilized for business marketing, social communications and much more.

  • Social Media Tools and Platforms

There are several social media tools and platforms that have recently gained popularity based on their usage and reach. Each platform serves different purposes and must be used optimally to extract maximum benefit. Few tools and platforms are mentioned below:


  1. Blogs: This platform allows users to share information on a particular topic and accordingly engage in a casual dialogue with opinions and discussions.
  2. Facebook: The platform has grown to become the largest social network. Users are given the opportunity to interact and communicate with friends through messages, photos, videos and comments. The social media platform has also emerged popular for business marketing with brand pages being created for promotion of goods and services.
  3. Twitter: Known for the exchange of short status messages in 140 characters, the platform allows individuals and communities to communicate instantly.
  4. YouTube: The platform has become synonymous with videos. Any individual searching for video content will try on YouTube.
  5. Instagram: A video and photo sharing app allowing users to create frames and add special effects to their photos. Popularly used by brands to execute photo based campaigns and contests.
  6. LinkedIn: A more professional platform for exchanging information pertaining to the business aspect of an organization.

With the increasing number of users on Social Media, the need for businesses to be active on the platforms has increased tremendously. To provide assistance with this, there are a number of agencies providing social media services and it is the responsibility of the marketing manager to select one that is savvy with all the tools and platforms.

 Key Objectives for Social Media Managers

The fundamental function of social media is conversations with the community and audience. It is for building relationships and credibility and not just marketing services for sales.

Maintaining authenticity and transparency is the key to success.

Social Media gives you the chance to hear what people have to say about you and at the same time respond to them.

Use content that is engaging and do not fear trying. Updates are being introduced and experts must be at par with these to be able to benefit optimally.

Social Media is an exceptional tool for two-way communication and engagement. However, since the nature of communication is real time, there are significant risks associated in case not used appropriately.

Impact of Social Media on Business Communication

Posted on 29 March, 2015 at 0:05 Comments comments (39)

The deep proliferation of social media in the remotest parts of the country has made it a lucrative platform for businesses to enhance their brand presence and reach out to a wider audience. Social media has transformed the daily lives of people to a great extent. Building seamless connections, it has converted the whole world into a ‘Global Village’.


Outlook on the Impact of Social Media on Business

The increased usage and popularity of various social media platforms has urged companies to fortify their presence on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest etc. The famous proverb, ‘Customer is the king’, states, how crucial it is for companies, to stay connected with their customers. The more live and active companies are on social media sites, the more they will be in the eyes of their patrons. Such is the impact of social media on business communication.


FOMO i.e. the fear of missing out on what’s happening in the world has urged today’s tech-savvy generation to be in constant touch with their facebook and twitter accounts. The situation makes it easy for organisations to market and advertise themselves on such platforms with an increased probability of grabbing consumers’ attention. Due to the fast-paced lifestyles, people are constantly on the move to catch up on the latest happenings around them, providing companies with more scope to attract prospective customers and retain the existing ones.

The huge impact of social media on business communication cannot be overlooked. Gone are the days when the telephone was the only means of business communication. The advent of social media has metamorphosed the scenario completely. Earlier, social media was just a means of staying in touch with friends, acquaintances, relatives etc. Gradually, it developed into a global converging point of companies, institutes, individuals as well as communities. As such sites are free to join, companies can find a vast network of people whom they can target and communicate with, without impacting cost to the company. It has become a great marketing asset for business organisations where they can advertise themselves and indulge in direct communication with their patrons.


Advertising on social media platforms is now considered to be more valuable than spending a fortune on advertisements on television or print mediums. For instance, by creating their own Facebook page and keeping it updated on a daily basis, brands can increase their visibility and attain top-of-the-mind brand recall. Once the process of ‘clicking on the like button’ gains momentum, then there is no looking back. Due to this, social media promotion of brands is gaining traction. Companies are now leaving no stone unturned to elevate their website traffic and create a buzz in the social media environment.


Also, customers use social media sites to know the reviews of companies and their products and services, which finally determine their purchase decisions. Often it so happens that companies create a negative image in the minds of their patrons. This can be improved by directly engaging with customers on social media sites.


When companies devise social media strategies, it’s essential that they gain better understanding of their target audience. Social media sites have hordes of people and everyone might not be a potential customer. This makes it necessary to determine the target audience in order to attain maximum utilisation of such online platforms.

Being the fastest and easiest way to communicate, companies are leveraging the platform judiciously for effective business communication. Adequate and efficacious communication is the mantra to enhance brand visibility and stay in constant touch with the consumers. Hence, in today’s intensely-competitive scenario, social media has emerged as a vital tool to connect, communicate and engage directly with the customers.

Attaining the Most from your Social Media Presence

Posted on 28 March, 2015 at 22:45 Comments comments (39)

According to a popular saying ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’. These words make absolute sense, especially when it comes to social media marketing. Till the time you don’t have a goal-oriented strategy, your social media projections are at stake. Once you have a developed approach, the need of the hour is to assess the health of your online brand and understand whether content is being disseminated to the right audience or not.


The process of Social Media Evaluation aims at analyzing the future direction of content on social outlets. When performing an audit for your brand in terms of social media presence, it is vital that you take care of the following questions:

 What are your Social Media Objectives?

Your Social media objectives are dependent on the type of business you exist in. You might want to gain exposure for your brand, generate leads and queries or just build connections for investment purposes.

 Based on your goals, you will be able to analyze whether you are utilizing the right platforms or just existing on all of them without any kind of vision.

What is your current position?

Understanding where you stand on social media at the moment is essential in planning for the future. You are aware of the platforms you are using but the key lies in knowing how they must be used. Analyze the type of content being sent out, its presentation and the feedback it is receiving.

Once you analyze content, you will be in a better position to identify communication gaps and the audience to whom your message is being conveyed.

Where are you heading?

Diagnosing the current position of your social media promotion enables you to prepare a roadmap for its growth and development. Quantifying current results help you predict numbers for the future, but remember to be realistic with the numbers. It is recommended that you have a smaller yet engaging audience rather than a large, inactive one.

The approach to adopt is to know the kind of content you are sharing and emerge as a social media thought leader in your particular industry.

What are the right social media outlets for you?

There are several social media outlets today, such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc. which have gained immense popularity. However, this does not mean that in order to build your brand, you need to exist on every platform.


If your end goal lies in attracting consumers and spreading awareness about your product/service, Facebook and Twitter are a better fit than LinkedIn. Conversely, if your goal is to spread news about the business and develop connections, LinkedIn is a suitable avenue for you.

What are your competitors doing?

You want to stand out on social media presence and maintain your individuality, but keeping an eye on what others are doing and if they are doing it well, is always advantageous.

See what similar organizations or your competitors are doing and understand where they have attained success. Is it the way information is presented or the content that is selected to be posted or the time of the post? What is it that is helping them reach their audiences faster and quicker?

Also read: Impact of Social Media on Business

Are your social media followers converting to customers?

As is mentioned earlier, there is no use having a large, inactive audience. It is important to make note of the audience you are imparting your message to and if there is any feedback coming in from them. You must be ready to respond to their feedback and effectively attract potential customers.

Types of Social Media

Posted on 28 March, 2015 at 22:35 Comments comments (39)

The Social Media space is booming with more and more individuals and brands using it to meet their communication requirements. At times, understanding the purpose of every channel and the kind of content that is suitable for them becomes challenging.

 There are several types of social media networks existing today but the goal for all is common – relationship building. Some help you identify and connect with like minded people, some focus on instant communication, while others allow you to showcase creativity.

 When you plan on getting involved in social media marketing, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the first sites that come to your mind. However, the scope of social networks is vast and it is essential that you understand all the different types of social media in order to reap maximum benefits from the same.

 Also read: What is Social Media

Different Types of Social Media

Social Networks

Most of you exist on at least two social networks. These allow you to stay connected with other individuals through a profile. You can interact with users, upload pictures, and create groups etc. Facebook and LinkedIn come under this type.


Social News

These portals enable individuals to share news items and links. Users are given the opportunity to vote on articles they enjoy reading and basis the number of votes on every article, the rank of the article is determined. News items with highest votes get displayed prominently.


Micro blogging

Short updates are sent out to individuals who are subscribed to your profile or page. These are used for the purpose of crisp and instant communication. Twitter is the most popular platform under this type.


Bookmarking Sites

These are used to manage links of various web pages and sites on the Internet. Tagged links are easy to find and help increase popularity among users. The website links that interest the users can be saved with the help of bookmarking sites.


Media Sharing

Audio, video and image files are shared on these portals. Additional features for commenting, liking and creating profiles are also offered by these services. YouTube is the most popular type of media sharing network.


Blog Comments and Forums

These services allow members to initiate discussions and provide opinions on certain topics. Question answers are posted on forums giving users the opportunity to find answers to their queries. When it comes to blogs, information is provided to the reader, reading which, users can give in their comments.


While these are the six kinds of social media networks, one service may overlap with the other. For instance, Facebook also allows you to create status updates, which is a micro blogging service. To use suitable content for every type of network, it is suggested that you make use of social media services offered by a PR company. They take care of your integrated marketing communication efforts and ensure that your brand gets visibility.

Create a short URL

Posted on 22 March, 2015 at 17:30 Comments comments (51)

You can shorten URLs to make them easier to share using the Google URL shortener. For example, the short URL

Visit the Google URL shortener site 

If you aren’t signed in, click the Sign in button in the top right corner.

Write or paste your URL in the Paste your long URL here box.

Click Shorten URL.

Below the “Paste your URL here” box, you’ll see the long version of your url and the short version. Once created, your link won’t expire unless it has to be removed for spam, privacy, or legal reasons.


Track the use of your URL


You can see how many people have clicked on your URL by visiting


For more detailed information about the URL’s use, including the countries, browsers, and platforms that accessed it, add .info to the end of your short URL. For example, detailed tracking for can be found at


Tracking for all short links are publicly visible to all users.


Creating links when you’re signed in vs. signed out


Signed in


Your links are automatically added to where you can track their use.

A unique short URL is created each time a long URL is shortened.

Signed out


Your links won’t show up on your page.

The same short URL is reused each time a long URL is shortened by you or someone else.

Marketing Keeda Gyaan:

Use the url shortner as there is more changes of it getting clicked as its alphanumeric & it give a suspense factor.

CHANGE with the ADVENT of Digital Marketing.

Posted on 22 March, 2015 at 17:15 Comments comments (48)

5 am in the morning and the hangover of my dream would not let me be in peace. Soon to realize it was the digital chip integrated with my life made sounds of the signals of some social media website in my head. Just to realize a close friend delivered a baby at 3 am midnight (IST) in US. That’s when it kept me ticking that how life has really changed.


INFORMATION: Spreads like wild forest fire or just say Ebola (viral), with the speed of light, comments followed welcoming the baby. Plans were being made for celebrations, deciding name of the baby and gifts. PACE & PURCHASE: So I joined the band and ordered a bouquet in US and by morning they delivered it. Soon I realized the world was becoming closer. INSTANT CONNECT: It was 8 am in India and I could conference with my friend’s husband and personally congratulated him.


As I reach office, I see the Purchase Manager so relaxed and playing Candy Crush, as this dude has already AUTOMATED the purchase process online. Companies have started realizing the importance of Internet and in long run it surely is COST EFFECTIVE and LESS TIME CONSUMING with MEASUREMENT algorithms leading to SIX SIGMA.


Its Lunch time we got the news that there would be an adventurous trip on the weekend and we all rushed to enroll for the same. Large screens were set up with the trainers informing us on how to be prepared for the trip. What an INTERACTIVE session with details on CUSTOMIZATION. A query session with the summary ended it well.


Back to work after lunch, however it is still ticking in my head how life really changed with what I did some 15 – 20 years ago and now. I had work and hence didn’t have the time to prepare for the trip, I had to order for the gears, special camera etc. But like my colleague says “Not to worry, after GOD there is Google” and there I was on Google SEARCHING and BUYING for all my trip needs. As assured on the website the delivery was instant, just within a day as they worked 24x7x365.


So after work it was party time and we all believed to Work Smart and Party Smarter, time had come that we would go clubbing. As we reached the Lounge the bartender showed us the menu on an I Pad and when I inquired a bit more they said the Lounge had a complete wifi set up and the orders were completely PROCESS DRIVEN. We ordered the booze and food and it was there within a blink of an eyelid. The SERVICE STANDARDS was excellent.


After the fun it was time to go home and be with the family. I spent some good time listening to the Radio over the internet and relaxing for some time. Checked some mails and was time to sleep without knowing that how the world would shape the other day.


On the last note Digital Marketing is truly a reason for a smaller, faster and better amalgamated world. Here @ Marketing Keeda we do & will keep on doing this only. Using our inhouse Marketing Strategies & Keedagiri we take your brand/product which might be local & take it to a global platform at a fair price. We want to contribute a part back to social media which has made the world a smaller place.


Rajesh Salian

Marketing Keeda - In - Chief

18 Top Free Android Games That Have Been Downloaded More Than 100 Million Times Each

Posted on 22 March, 2015 at 16:00 Comments comments (4)

With a huge quantity of Android devices nowadays in use, we see a large sum of Android app downloads from the" target="_blank">Google Play store. Among most popular Android apps,Marketing Keeda sugests a list of 18 top free game apps; each of them has been downloaded more than 100 million times at time of this review.


What most people like can’t be bad. If you’ve not tried them out, pick a few from this list to download and play. Beware some of these popular apps require in-app purchases to get more power-ups and advanced features." target="_blank">Angry Birds, use the unique powers of angry birds to destroy the fortresses of pigs who stole their eggs. A challenging physics-based gameplay in multiple levels needing logic, skill and force to solve." target="_blank">Angry Birds Go!, choose a method to move the carts, feel the rush as you fling angry and piggies down the track at fast speed, and race to the finish line with sufficient twists and turns on an adventurous 3D rendered Piggy Island." target="_blank">Angry Birds Rio, a special edition that pairs the original game Angry Birds with unique twists based on the hit motion picture, Rio, containing 6 fantastic episodes in multiple levels to achieve and with special hidden fruits to discover." target="_blank">Angry Birds Seasons, a sequel to the original Angry Birds sharing similar gameplay but complete with various themed episodes, unique power-ups and hundreds of levels of pig-popping action." target="_blank">Candy Crush Saga, crush candies by matching three or more of them and meet a target within limited moves for the next level in this popular addictive game. You have hundreds of levels to win and free lives to get from Facebook friends." target="_blank">Despicable Me, a fast-paced endless running game like Temple Run but it's more fun and enjoyable with a movie tie-in Minion and a storyline behind it. Swipe left, right, up and down to dodge tricky obstacles, collect tokens and bananas while running through iconic locations loaded with secrets and surprises." target="_blank">Drag Racing, be the first to cross a set finish line in this motor racing game which requires the right balance between power and grip, either race on your own or take the challenge to go head-to-head against your friends or random racers. You have lots of cars to choose from, many parts to upgrade and a huge pool of opponents." target="_blank">Fruit Ninja Free, be a ninja to slice as many fruits as possible but not bombs and use powerups to earn high scores in this fast action game. To expand your skills, choose either of the Classic, calm Zen or wild Arcade modes with distinctive features available free from the game." target="_blank">Hill Climb Racing, an addictive driving game with good sound effects, smooth physics simulation and multiple levels to reach in numerous stages. It lets you challenge unique hill climbing environments with lots of different vehicles and upgradable parts including engine, suspension, tires and 4WD." target="_blank">My Talking Tom, released after Talking Tom Cat 2 Free, this interactive game allows you to raise your very own Tom from a baby kitten to a fully-grown tomcat with life-like emotions, care for him, play games with him and customize his fur, clothes and home." target="_blank">Pool Billiards Pro, play this top free pool game with realistic 3D ball animation and user-friendly design. Choose the Single Player mode for straight pool game, the VS mode to challenge another player or against the computer, or the Arcade mode with a limited number of cues in multiple challenging levels." target="_blank">Pou, a fun virtual pet game where you can watch Pou grow up by feeding, taking care of, dressing up, playing with and finding friends for it. You can level up and unlock special items to satisfy your achievements and share with others." target="_blank">Shoot Bubble Deluxe, enjoy this popular match-3 game by making combinations of three or more bubbles to make them burst and clear all the bubbles to level up. An easy-to-play game comes complete with Puzzle and Arcade modes in multiple fun levels and allows you to submit your high scores to the global leaderboard." target="_blank">Subway Surfers, help the hooligans run down the tracks to escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog in this endless running game with frequent updates based on seasonal holidays. You need to dash as fast as you can, dodge the oncoming trains while grabbing gold coins out of the air to achieve high scores." target="_blank">Talking Tom Cat Free, definitely a fun game to cheer you up and laugh for a good moment. Talk to Tom and he will repeat everything you say with a funny voice, pet his body to make him purr, or otherwise he will yawn or sneeze." target="_blank">Talking Tom Cat 2 Free, a sequel to the Talking Tom Cat Free with similar gameplay, but featuring new actions, new locations and new twists such as customize Tom with new outfits and record what Tom is doing to share with others." target="_blank">Temple Run, take the idol from the temple and see how far you can run away from its guardians who will chase you down the ancient temple walls and sheer cliffs. Easy to play, just swipe left or right to turn, up to jump, down to slide and tilt to run sideways to avoid obstacles and collect points to gain more power-ups with this addictive and endless running game." target="_blank">Temple Run 2, a sequel to Temple Run with same gameplay but complete in new beautiful graphics, new characters with special strengths, more achievements and new obstacles along the way. Another challenge to test how far you can run away from a non-stop pursuing monster.


Learn Ethical Hacking @ Atharva College, Malad

Posted on 16 March, 2015 at 19:40 Comments comments (82)

Watchdogs may have been interesting but hackers have always been blamed for bad reasons & here is one chance to contribute as an ethical hacker & learn the tricks of the trade yourself. 

Do you have a dream of becoming a White hat Ethical Hacker? You are 1 step away from making your dream into reality..


We have a Workshop on ETHICAL HACKING by 'Rizwan Shaikh'!!

We will be providing you hands-on practical

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I'm just gonna be honest here. I make mistakes ALL the time.

I try stuff. Some of it doesn't work out very well. Sometimes I scratch my head and go, "Well...that was stupid."

OR..."bad idea"...or all sorts of other crap that goes on in my head. But you know what?

It doesn't make me stop trying stuff. It doesn't make me give in or give up. I just keep doing it. Delete what didn't work. Repeat what did.

I'm still a work in progress...and always will be.

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That's all I got for now.

Liverpool & Manchester United Screening @ Kelong, Ludhiana By LGO gaming events

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The Liverpool F.C.–Manchester United F.C. rivalry is a footballing rivalry between English clubs Liverpool and Manchester United. It is considered to be one of the biggest rivalry matches in Europe.


The clubs are also the two most successful teams in England; between them they have won 121 honours, including 80 major trophies: 59 (41 major) for Liverpool and 62 (39 major) for Manchester United. As well as competing on the football pitch, both teams are also two of the biggest-earning, and widely-supported, football clubs in the world.

Catch The Screening at Kelong, Malhar Road, Ludhiana on 22nd March '15 between Liverpool & Manchester United.

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Battlefield Hardline Game4u Pre-order Bonus

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3 reasons Apple's watch will _ or won't _ change the game

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — No one can argue that Apple has changed the way people live their lives. The company's iPod, iTunes, iPhone and iPad have shaken up music, phone and computer markets worldwide. Is the Apple Watch going to be able to do the same?

The stakes are big for Apple CEO Tim Cook: the watch is the first brand-new Apple product to be launched without legendary co-founder Steve Jobs. But the market is awash in smartwatches that have gained little traction. Here are three reasons the Apple Watch will finally move the needle in the smartwatch industry — and three reasons it might not.


MORE FEATURES THAN RIVALS: Along with email, texts and phone calls, Apple says its watch will present news, health readings and other notifications in creative ways that can be read at a glance. It will have a heart rate monitor and accelerometer, and an internal motor that can signal the wearer with a subtle "tap" on the wrist. And Siri and Apple Pay will be built in. Apple is working with outside companies to create more apps; Cook has talked about using the watch as an electronic "key" for hotel doors or even cars.

A POWERFUL BRAND: The world's biggest tech company has a reputation for quality and a direct conduit to customers — it operates more than 400 retail stores around the world. And it has deep pockets to spend on advertising — it is showcasing the watch this month with a sleek, 12-page insert in Vogue and other fashion magazines.

APPLE'S TRACK RECORD: This wouldn't be the first Apple product that revolutionized a market where rivals had struggled to break through. Other companies made digital music players before the iPod, smartphones before the iPhone and even tablets before the iPad. Most of those products failed to catch on until Apple made devices so appealing they set new standards and created new demand, said Forrester Research analyst J.P. Gownder.


WHAT'S THE NEED?: Most smartwatches — including Apple's — only work with a smartphone nearby, so you can't swap one expensive gadget for the other. "What we've seen is that it's not obvious why people would want a smartwatch," says Gownder. A recent Forrester survey found some respondents didn't see a reason to buy one because they already owned a less-expensive fitness band or a full-featured smartphone (although it also found Apple fans ready to buy the new watch).

CONSUMERS NOT EXCITED: You can already buy smartwatches made by giant tech companies like Samsung, Sony or LG, or from a tech startup like Pebble, that track your heart rate, show you email and deliver other online services to your wrist. None of them have really caught on. Only about 5 million smartwatches were sold worldwide last year, according to market researchers at Strategy Analytics. By comparison, Apple sold 74.6 million iPhones in just the last quarter.

PRICE AND OBSOLESCENCE: Many of today's smartwatches sell for $200 or less. Apple plans to sell three models, starting at $349, but Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster predicts the average buyer will pay $550 for a watch and extra, interchangeable bands. Apple's high-fashion "Edition" model, made with 18-karat gold, is expected to cost thousands. While affluent consumers might pay that for a watch they can wear for years, or even hand down to their children, it's a lot of money for something that could become outdated if Apple releases a new model every year or so — as it does with smartphones.

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What To Expect in Content Marketing in 2015

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Camille Padilla Dalmau seized a brilliant opportunity last month to hear straight from the source what to expect next year in content marketing.


“During the Contently Summit last week, I weaved my way through a sea of content marketers during happy hour and interrupted their sips of Peroni to ask their content marketing predictions for 2015,” Dalmau wrote in Contently.


“Some of these marketers have been in the field for some time, while others are just starting to get familiar with content marketing. Nonetheless, they all had some pretty interesting predictions for 2015.”


So what can we expect to see happening in the content realm?


“We’ll be adopting content performance metrics that align to very specific business goals beyond brand awareness,” according to MetLife’s Audrey Gray.


This is not only a salient prediction, it’s also sage advice. Any time you post a piece of content, you should have a reason, a clear tie to your business goals. Just being “out there” is no longer good enough, as we must have a clear voice and clear message in our work.


Lauren Coulston at JP Morgan Chase echoes that sentiment. “There will be more of a focus measuring and proving success,” she predicts.


And that measurement and focus will move away from exposure, posits Raunak Munot of Group M.


“One impression doesn’t do anything, you need to reach people multiple times to move the needle,” he explains. “In social, sequential messaging will become imperative and success measurement will move beyond engagement rate alone.”


Moving beyond engagement is key, as anyone who studies the sales funnel knows. And that’s why the current debate about meaningful circulation figures remains crucial. Advertisers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for meaningful measurement and a way to clarify value of the advertising they purchase, whether in digital or print media. The same goes for editorial content. It’s not enough to simply be seen; content must be acted on in meaningful ways.


Content marketing continues to be a solid strategy, and easily adaptable across a magazine or catalog’s platforms. We predict a more thoughtful approach to content creation, reuse and cross-platform adaptability, as we find new and more effective ways to tie our marketing strategy into our business goals.